4 Ways to Jump Into ‘Fundraising 2.0’

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What is ‘Fundraising 2.0’ you ask? Simple, fundraising with a new set of tools that allow you to connect with people like never before. These tools are no replacement for in person interactions and stewardship, but they are quite effective at spurring on communication, participation and engagement – Exactly what you want from your supporters, [...]


YouTube Video, $10,000 Dollars and Your Nonprofit

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Google recently released a new feature designed specifically for the nonprofit space – YouTube video meets “Call to action”! Nonprofits can now overlay YouTube video with a call to action that drives traffic from their video to other web sites. Have you seen the new YouTube Nonprofit Program? If not, I suggest you check it [...]


Facebook & “Old People*”

Your donors and constituents are too busy and too mature to get caught up in Facebook antics, right? It is mostly just Teenyboppers posting messages and uploading photos from last weekend, right? Facebook and other hip social networks are for young people, right? According to a recent article from Inside Facebook, the answers to the above questions [...]