How to Boost Event Fundraising with Facebook

First a little background…A few months ago Nick Rongione, Blackbaud’s Product Marketing Manager, and I challenged ourselves to find the EASIEST way for event fundraising customers to leverage Facebook for peer to peer fundraising. Initially, our (at least my) thinking was stifled because we perceived Facebook as a destination, albeit a cutting edge and highly interactive [...]


Payment Processing- You Raised the Dollars, Keep Your Cents

Over the last couple of weeks I have learned a tremendous amount about payment processing. It is an intriguing field since it is utilized by everyone that holds a credit card and every organization that processes credit cards, yet very few people fundamentally understand how transactions get authorized, processed and settled. This lack of understanding creates [...]


Nonprofit Blogging: Goals, Strategy and Tactics to Crush it

Nonprofit Blogging

A post by Chris Brogan on “Strategic Blogging and Some Tactics to Nail It” for business got me thinking about how nonprofits could benefit from a full fledged blogging strategy. A well implemented blog with a solid strategy behind it can be an incredible tool to help you connect with supporters on the web. Let’s [...]