Power in the Blog Post Title

Every couple weeks I receive a report about the top authors by reach for NetWits Think Tank. I see it as kind of a competition amongst the bloggers. I want my name to be at the top! As I was brainstorming for my next blog post and how I could become number one, it came [...]


Why Twitter Matters

Twitter for Nonprofits

The Social Networking tool Twitter has become a mainstay in my daily routine. In my line of work (nonprofit consulting) it’s important for me to stay up on industry news, trends, technology and people. Twitter helps me do this. It’s also important for me to connect with peers in the industry that can challenge my thinking [...]


Peer to Peer Fundraising- Painting a Better Picture with Video

Everyone loves a cut-throat game of Pictionary®. It is not long before emotions run high and furiously scribbled stick figures give way to a litany of erroneous guesses: “An astronaut!”, “An ice cream cone!”, ”A cotton gin!”,  ”Trotsky!” Pictionary teaches us that it is hard to paint a clear picture when we limit the medium of communication. (For [...]


5 Email Sins to Avoid

Build your email list

Every day nonprofits send out millions of email messages. And every day there are some common sins committed with email. Here are some common email sins that should be avoided: No Purpose Before you hit send — stop and ask yourself: Why am I sending this message? Does the message have a clear purpose? If [...]


Are Twitter and Facebook Important for Event Fundraising

Some time has passed since Twitter and Facebook integrations were released for Blackbaud Sphere Events. In a previous post we asked “Is Twitter Important for Event Participants?” and found that it likely was a feasible channel to cultivate and solicit donors. Based on new data that is available I want to provide an update on data that [...]