Creating a Social Networking Strategy

Nonprofit Blogging

This is a follow-up to Creating a Social Networking Strategy (Part 0) that originally appeared on my Connections blog and also as a guest post on Beth Kanter’s blog. One of the key takeaways from Part 0 is that once you stop just playing around with social media then you need to start putting together a strategy. [...]


16 Starter Tips for Nonprofit Blogging


Jeff Patrick and I recently did a webinar on Nonprofit Blogging. It was a fantastic time that really seemed to help the attendees. I thought I’d share some of what we talked about and get the presentation in your hands so you could use it in ways that benefit you. The tips shared here and [...]


Using the Social Web to Make Local Impact


Friday, October 2, 2009, is LIVESTRONG Day. As part of the LIVESTRONG Action campaign the LIVESTRONG day is focused on unifying people from all around the world through local events and activities that celebrate cancer survivorship. It’s also designed to generate awareness and foster support so the world can be freed from cancer. While their efforts [...]