Nothing But Net – Aid for Haiti Gets Webby


Like all of you, I’ve been terribly saddened by the catastrophic earthquake that rocked Haiti last week. The suffering appears overwhelming, but so has the outpouring of aid and support for the Haitian people. Watching the nonprofit community step-up and shine in this time of need reminds me why I love working in this sector [...]


Unlocking the Power of Online Forms in Sphere

You have probably spent countless hours and dollars in designing, implementing and updating your organization’s web presence. And for what?! To look professional, disseminate information, grow your brand, but most importantly to engage with your constituents. At the heart of nearly any online constituent engagement is a web form that you are asking a constituent to submit (and [...]


Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter for Nonprofits

Twitter can be hard to understand when you first begin using the service. It was for me. Once you figure it out and the initial excitement wears off you end up asking you self “what am I getting out of telling people what I had for lunch”? It’s a common problem (or misunderstanding). I stopped using [...]


Using Social Media to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Efforts


This is a guest post by Chris Brogan. He does incredible things with businesses in the new media space. Make sure to visit Many thanks to Chris for stopping by and sharing his insight with our readers. Over the past few years, I’ve experimented a lot with nonprofits. I’ve worked to promote causes, to [...]