10 Steps to Building a Successful Social Media Strategy


In my work with non-profit organizations across the country I’m often asked one of two questions regarding social media; “Should we be using social media?,” and “How do we use social media successfully?” To answer the first question, ask yourself: Do your constituents and organizational partners use social media? Do you want to build better relationships [...]


Measuring Matters

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 1.43.36 PM

There is a continuous discussion going on in the nonprofit space that’s centered on measurement. We all know that measurement and determining return on investment (ROI) is important so we’re thinking about how to determine what success looks like in the social media world. Over the years nonprofits have figure out how to measure a [...]


Video Rules!

YouTube Video

Do you use video as part of your nonprofits web strategy? Possibly you have a YouTube Channel? Or maybe you use Vimeo? These days it’s becoming more and more important to use video as part of your communication, marketing and fundraising efforts. Each area of your work could be positively impacted by putting out great [...]


14 Andrew Sullivan Quotes I Loved at NTC


One of my favorite things about NTC are the fantastic plenaries. These all-hands keynote presentations offer some of the most quote-worthy, insightful anecdotes from the event. Last year’s talk from Clay Shirky generated gobs of great quotes, 15 of which I catalogued on this blog. Today we had the pleasure of hearing Andrew Sullivan speak [...]


Do You Know Your Supporters?

Know your supporters

Nonprofits have an interesting challenge facing them. The ever growing social networking landscape makes it difficult to know if an existing or new supporter of yours is active on any of the current social networks (let alone the ones that haven’t been dreamed up yet).  How do you figure out if someone who volunteers for [...]