10 Email Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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As we move into the last month of the year, let’s take a quick look at how you can improve your email newsletters and appeals  in 2011. Consider the following email pitfalls. Which of these is your nonprofit guilty of committing? You don’t track the results of your emails. How will you know what your [...]


Join the Largest Gratitude Wall in the World by Letting us know What You’re Grateful for: #EpicThanks!

Tweetsgiving 2010: EpicThanks

Thanksgiving is upon us. In the US and Canada this holiday is mostly about … friends, family, food, football and … well … more food (the extra special, you cook it only once a year, kind of food). OK, that’s not all it’s about, but I’ll be the first to admit that I love all [...]


Social Media Monitoring in 30 Minutes or Less

Are you listening?

Most people will tell you that learning how to effectively monitor (or listen to) what’s being said on the web is the beginning of social media success. You may agree with this or not, but I think it’s safe to say that the skill of listening online is one that all nonprofits should learn – [...]


Thoughts from EMSA 2010

Email Marketing

The week before last, I was lucky enough to attend the Email Marketing Summit Australia 2010 (EMSA). It was fantastic to see mix of new and experienced email marketers, as well as a variety of organisations, both Nonprofit and otherwise. The majority of information was focused on organisations working for profit, but there were a [...]


Revolutionize Your Website with the Facebook Like Button


Over the past few months you’ve probably noticed the Facebook like button on at least a few of the websites you frequent. It’s becoming a mainstay on the web and almost essential for any website trying to drive traffic, engagement, and action. I suspect you’re in at least one of those categories. Is your nonprofit [...]


Scanning for Good – How Nonprofits Can Use QR Codes


I’m sure you’ve noticed QR codes by now – those funny little black and white squares that are appearing on posters, business cards, and event lanyards everywhere. These next-gen bar codes are most often used by marketers who want to link to a website or landing page from a visual appeal. If you’re looking for [...]


Custom Facebook Landing Tabs Convert 47% of Your Visitors

Ford Focus

Where’d I get 47%? According to All Facebook Jeff Widman of BrandGlue did some A/B testing. He discovered… We ran an A/B test just four weeks ago to guesstimate the efficacy of a landing tab. We drove visitors to the fan page of a major brand using ads. Those ad-driven visitors converted to fans at [...]


Stimulating the Senses with Dynamic Images, Photos, & Video – Part I


When in-person is simply not an option, consider using multimedia to enhance your site and make it visually appealing – videos, photos, images, podcasts and even live streaming video are great ways to share your organization’s culture and engage with constituents using a personal, interactive touch. In Part 1 of this series, I will layout [...]


Current Online Activities in Asia-Pacific Nonprofits


Blackbaud has just released the 2010 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry Survey Results for Asia Pacific. After completing a quick review of the results, I believe there are some interesting statistics that can help give us a picture of what online priorities Asia-Pacific organisations have. According to the survey, “websites are most frequently used to [...]


Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps: Taking Your Content on the Road


Frank Barry recently blogged about the increasing use of mobile devices to access the web and how nonprofits should adapt their strategies to accommodate for this. With the rise of mobile applications, a lot of nonprofits getting into the mobile game are wondering whether they should start with a mobile website or a mobile application. [...]