I Have a Favor to Ask You

South by South West 2011 is in the works! I know I know … it seems so soon, but just as we’ve all started planning for 2011 in the nonprofit world folks like the SXSW organizers have set out to get a jump start on their yearly event – one that attracts thousands of internet enthusiasts as well as movie and music lovers.

The Favor

This year I need your help. I’ve submitted a session on using social media to increase online fundraising titled “Social Media Jam Session for Nonprofits” that will benefit the nonprofit focused attendees. In order for this session to be picked I need your vote.

By the way … voting ends on Friday the 27th so go vote now. (Please)

What’s the scoop on voting?

Here’s what the SXSW staff has to say … “SXSW is a community-driven event. So, knowing what kinds of topics you want to hear at the event is extremely important to us. Your voting accounts for about 30% of the decision-making process for any given programming slot.”

What’s that mean? Simple, I need your thumbs up! Without it my session is less likely to be selected. With it, my chances go up.

How do you vote? Head over to this page http://bit.ly/nposmjs, create an account (very short process) and click on the thumbs up button at the top of the page. Leave a comment if you are feeling extra excited about the session.

Why should you vote?

The “Social Media Jam Session for Nonprofits” will be done in a panel format. The panelists will be made up of folks who live and breath social media. People who believe in the power of the medium and it’s ability to help change the world. You’ll see nonprofit folks for sure and you may even see someone that heads up the nonprofit program from YouTube, Twitter and/or Facebook.

SO … What to do now? If you’d really like to see this session happen go out and Vote. Then make sure to Tweet it. Share it on Facebook. Blog about it.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to listen to my “Ask” and don’t worry, I won’t take it personally if you don’t vote :)

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