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Your Network Matters: Fatcyclist Raises Over 135K in 8 Days

@fatcyclist himself

Personal Fundraising, Social Media and Friends Asking Friends all converge to make an incredible impact! A Cycling Blogger @fatcyclist sent the Manager of Lance Armstrong’s racing team @johanbruyneel a resume (joking) as if he were applying for a job. You see, @fatcyclist wants to be a professional cyclist and who better to help him than the [...]


Assigned Affinity – How and Why People to People Fundraising Works

I just joined Ted Hart’s People to People Fundraising group on Linked In. It is a lively and growing place with discussions covering everything from explanations of God’s presence on Facebook to analyzing the success of Barak Obama’s presidential campaign. Poking through Ted’s profile I noticed a slide titled “How People to People Fundraising Works” [...]