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Scanning for Good – How Nonprofits Can Use QR Codes


I’m sure you’ve noticed QR codes by now – those funny little black and white squares that are appearing on posters, business cards, and event lanyards everywhere. These next-gen bar codes are most often used by marketers who want to link to a website or landing page from a visual appeal. If you’re looking for [...]


Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps: Taking Your Content on the Road


Frank Barry recently blogged about the increasing use of mobile devices to access the web and how nonprofits should adapt their strategies to accommodate for this. With the rise of mobile applications, a lot of nonprofits getting into the mobile game are wondering whether they should start with a mobile website or a mobile application. [...]


Do You do Mobile?

Do You Do Mobile?

Are you thinking about the future of communication as it relates to reaching and connecting with your supporters, donors, volunteers and members? What about reaching those who know nothing about you? I am. I’m thinking about how the nonprofit industry should be adapting to the ever changing landscape of internet use and how mobile devices [...]