A Quick Note On Website And Email Testing

Every time you re-skin your website, or send out an email blast, you need to make sure that you take the time to test how content appears to your supporters. This may sound like a really basic step, but it’s amazing how many testing and double checking procedures fly out the door in the midst of a last minute frenzy.

Your Website

You need to ensure that you double check how any changes you make to your website design render in all usable browsers. To do this, you can either install a variety of browsers, or you can use a free online tool, such as www.browsershots.org.

Your Email

Different email clients treat HTML differently, which means that your email will look different in every email client that you send it to.

While there are currently no free tools to double check your email content, there are some low cost solutions that could help you save time, by allowing you to check your email from one browser, rather than opening accounts in multiple email clients. Some of the options can also help you optimise your email for smart phones. Consider trialing one of the following options:


Email on Acid

Campaign Monitor

These sorts of tools should help save you time and ensure that your message reaches your supportors in the way that you intend it to.

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    We use Email on Acid and love the product. Especially their code analysis and Spam Analysis feature. Its costs under $20 and works like a charm. Good recommendation I must say.


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