Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

hand holding mobile phoneThere’s been a lot of talk about mobile throughout the last few years, but it seems that many of us still struggle when it comes to creating a website that can be read easily by mobile browsers.

If you are looking to create a site that can be easily read by mobile surfers, take a quick peek at the following checklist to make sure that you’ve got everything covered:

Create a seperate mobile site

Consider setting up a new domain or subdomain that contains your mobile site. This way, you can direct mobile browsers onto your mobile optimised version, while traditional browsers can still see your website complete with it’s normal graphic enhancements.

The Sydney Morning Herald (while not a Nonprofit site!) illustrates how this can be done effectively at, while retaining their traditional site at

Keep it simple

The key to optimising for mobiles it to keep the layout simple and easy to navigate. Strip the contents of your website back until you have your core information and navigational links, and then set this up on a very simple template. Try using blocks of colour (keeping with your branding) to break up different areas of content if needed.

Keep images to a minimum

Avoid making your mobile site image heavy. The aim is to make it simple to use for those with limited screens, and to ensure that it loads quickly. Mobile users are normally surfing on the go, so you don’t want your loading time to be any slower than it needs to be!

Redirect mobile users to your mobile site

If you can, try to redirect those surfing the web on mobile devices to your mobile site. It stops users having to nagvigate your ‘traditional’ site to find what they’re looking for, and enhances the user experience.

Test your site on a variety of mobile devices

Make sure it works and works well!

Consider the future

Not only are mobile users becoming increasingly frequent website visitors, but new technologies, such as the Apple iPad, are changing the way browsers access websites. ReadWriteWeb put up an interesting post on optimising your website for tablets, which will also become increasingly relevant as the market for these expands. Their tips?

  • Test your site on a tablet
  • Simplify the Layout
  • Ditch the flash
  • Check your form fields
  • Make the user interface app-like

Very similiar to mobile optimisation, isn’t it?

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  • Paul

    Some Content Management Systems even have plugins to generate a mobile capable site for you.

  • Create your mobile site

    nice article Naomi, these are some best practice for mobile site creation, and I hope people will come across this article and start learning more about mobile technologies.

  • PattiB

    Spell check: separate, not seperate!

  • PattiB

    nagvigate and similiar, too? Really???

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