10 Ways to Make Your Website Fundraising Friendly

Raheel Gauba - 11.18.2008

Fundraising Success is a prominent fundraising magazine for nonprofits that provides invaluable information to professionals working in the nonprofit space. I was fortunate enough to contribute to their November 2009 issue with an article that talks about ways to get the maximum return on investment for your website in helping your organization raise more funds online.

The article goes into a quick analysis of how online activities for nonprofit organizations fall into one of three segments:

  • No online presence
  • Limited online presence
  • Dynamic online presence

And then explores eleven (yes, I know... the 11th one is a bonus!) areas that will help your organization become more successful with online fundraising:

  1. Consistent online branding
  2. Information architecture and navigation
  3. Call to actions
  4. Design and user interface
  5. Audience Centric Design
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. Content management
  8. Effective email communication
  9. Active participation
  10. Integration with system of record
  11. (Bonus) Make it interactive!

Check out the complete article in all its glory is here on FundraisingSuccessMag.com.

Do you have advice about how websites can be made more fundraising friendly? Share your comments with us!


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