The Science Behind the Art - Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS - Part 1

Raheel Gauba - 12.18.2008

Broadway Cares is a nonprofit organization focused on AIDS fundraising and grants within the entertainment industry... specifically, Broadway! They are a 22 year old organization that has already made a huge impact in the broadway community and enjoys respect and support from people on both sides of the curtain - from the performers, directors and producers to their audiences and the general public.

Our aim for Broadway Cares' was to inject their DNA and reputation that they have successfully developed in the offline world over the last couple of decades into their website. Here is a look at the Broadway Cares' redesign process and how they made a difference by taking an Audience Centric approach to design!

The starting point

Here is the snapshot of Broadway Cares' previous website:

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS - Old Web Design


Broadway Cares’ old website was over three years old and lacked adequate tools to take advantage of emerging internet technologies as well as an intuitive visual design approach which not only made the website difficult to use, but did not leave a lasting impression. Here are some high level goals that we had to achieve with the new design:

  • Reach, excite & engage supporters
  • Improve usability and overall site navigation
  • Ability to target customized information for different groups of supporters
  • Increase constituency base
  • Market events, merchandise and auctions in a prominent way but not appear to be too sales oriented
  • Thank supporters for their assistance in fulfilling their mission
  • Raise awareness for HIV/AIDS issues

The Approach

Now that we had our goals in front of us, we needed a sure fire way to ensure that their top audiences were identified and their needs were represented online along with an elegant user interface design that takes their online experience on this website to the next level.

We collaborated with Broadway Cares’ core project team and dove right in with some key strategic sessions and our design process:

  • Information Architecture
  • Usability Testing
  • Visual Design Discovery
  • Design Development

In the upcoming posts, I will be taking a deeper dive into each session and share some insights and outputs! Stay tuned!



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