The Web 2.0 Rummage Sale!

Margo Anderson- 07.20.2009

I have been selling my goods (or junk) on eBay for the past 10 years. Originally it was a way for me to clean up my closet and receive some extra cash, now it is a means to clean up my closet and help my favorite nonprofit!

I discovered eBay Giving Works and MissionFish when I posted a listing for some sunglasses that were not very flattering on me. As I was posting the listing, I noticed the option to donate my funds to a nonprofit. What a great option! I decided to do it and do a little research to share with all of you.


eBay Giving Works is the program that facilitates nonprofit listings on eBay, and is administered by the licensed nonprofit organization, MissionFish. eBay Giving Works allows eBay sellers to donate a percentage of their sale to nonprofits, allows nonprofits to sell items that were donated to them, and  allows anyone with a PayPal account to make an immediate donation.


MissionFish was launched in 2000 and has been extremely successful. Check out some stats below:

  • 16,000+ registered nonprofits to date
  • $56 is raised for nonprofits every minute
  • Over $90 million raised to date


MissionFish is not only a means to donate your eBay proceeds, but can also raise funds through other creative fundraising techniques. A few ideas I gathered from MissionFish’s website are listed below:

  1. Implement an online auction
  2. Sell in-kind gifts
  3. Receive donations from PayPal users
  4. Hold a virtual yard sale
  5. Create an online thrift store

MissionFish also has a wonderful Resource Center. The resource center includes selling tips, planning spreadsheets, sample emails and email signatures, and many more tips on how to be successful with eBay.

So next time your organization receives an in-kind gift that you don’t know what to with, sell it on eBay and while you’re there, why not bid on some items that will help your favorite charity. Just look for the ribbon beside the posting!  


Is anyone out there using eBay Giving Works to make a little extra money for their favorite nonprofit? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know your feedback.


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