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Learn how to use RSS in Kinteras CMS

Are you actively using an RSS reader in your daily life - for work and play? I am! To be quite honest, I didnt begin regularly using RSS until recently, but it's changed my life. Seriously! 

Why is RSS so important for your supporters? First, it makes it easy to know when you've published new content. They don't have to come to your site to check all the time. Their RSS reader will update them! Second, people will more likely read, or at least skim, a large portion of your content. You've made it easy for their busy life.

Before we go any further check out RSS in plain English by Commoncraft if you are looking to gain a better understanding of RSS in general.


Now on to learning how to pull RSS out of the Kintera CMS system.

Once in Kintera CMS - make sure you are in the site structure view then go to New > Tools





Select one of the content listings. In this case, I’ll be selecting a content listing by folder (This tool displays all the content within the folder you point it to. Think of it like a news, article, announcement listing.)









Once you've selected the content listing by folder, fill in the information on the Properties tab. Make the title of this content listing “RSS Test” … this title is only for our practice and to make it simple to find later. Normally you would name it something more meaningful. (For the sake of brevity in this post we’ll assume you already know how to fill out the rest on the properties tab).

Next, go to the ‘Content Index by Folder tab (as seen below). On this tab select the content library folder that contains the content you want to show in your listing. Content must exist in the folder you select for anything to show up in the RSS feed.





Once you have selected the folder and configured the remainder of the required configuration options you will need to publish the content listing. Check the ‘publish immediately’ check box followed by the ‘create button’.



At this point all you need to do is go find the content listing in the site structure. I’ve placed mine in ‘Archive/Hidden’.







Open the tool open the tool and go to the ‘Display Tab’. On this tab, located at the very top, you will find the RSS URL. This is exactly what you need to publish the RSS feed on your web site.





Now that you have this URL you can place it anywhere on your site to allow your visitors to easily subscribe to your content. As stated earlier, this will make it easy for them to know when you publish new content!

Check out RSS in plain English by Commoncraft if you are looking to gain a better understanding of RSS in general.


Question for you

How are you using RSS on your web site now and what suggestions might you have for others reading this?


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