2009 in Review

Steve MacLaughlin - 12.31.2009

The final hours of 2009 are ticking away. This year seemed to fly by faster than many others. Here's a quick look back:

10+ Years of Online Giving

Back in 1999, Blackbaud released NetSolutions. It was the first integrated online fundraising and email messaging tool developed specifically for nonprofits. I took a look back at the statistics and there were 39 nonprofits using the donation functionality in 2000 with an average gift amount of $85.29. Since then thousands of nonprofits have processed millions of online donations using Blackbaud. We've come a long way since those early days.

Grow on the Go

We introduced the Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow offering early in 2009 and it turned out to be very successful. BBNC Grow bundled our very popular online solution into a prescriptive implementation with ongoing help all at an affordable price. It was great to see how quickly we could get a client up and running on the solution. Later in the year we unveiled Blackbaud Sphere Grow for nonprofits looking to reach new supporters. These clients are already getting very solid online results.

Metrics, Metrics, and More Metrics

The beginning of the year started with a project to look at online giving trends. This resulted in several blog posts and presentations (2008 Online Giving Trends 2009 Online Giving Trends - Q1 2009 Online Giving Trends - Q2 2009 Online Giving Trends - Q3) on the subject. The research work also led to us publishing that approximately 5% of all giving in the US in 2008 was done online. It was great to see this estimate being used across the sector. More online giving metrics are coming in 2010.


To Infinity and Beyond!

Behind the scenes there was a lot of development working going on our Internet solutions. Having the largest development team serving the nonprofit sector allowed us to really make a lot of progress this year. Client involvement in the design process has also gone to a new level. In early 2010, we'll release Internet functionality that is native on Blackbaud's Infinity platform. Lots of exciting stuff on the horizon and a ton of hard work was done this year to make it possible.


Write, Read, and Edit

I started working on a new book this year as a follow-up to People to People Fundraising. Many long hours were spent writing a chapter about online metrics and editing several other chapters for the book. I am really excited that Internet Management for Nonprofits will be coming out in 2010. Thanks to the editing team of Ted, Jim, and Philip, and all of our authors for making it all happen.


Full Speed Ahead

Another year ends and a new one begins. 2010 should include more thrills and chills – and many many miles on the road. I am especially looking forward to another year working with NTEN and NTC 2010 in Atlanta. Plus some new research work, product announcements, and stories from across the nonprofit sector. Oh...and more blogging too!


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