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As a product manager for Sphere (the most utilized on demand marketing and events platform, 2200+ customers in the nonprofit market) I’m continually exposed to interesting little tidbits about how customers use marketing and events technology.   Back in 2007, you might have heard the cry (I sure did!) from many nonprofit tech folks about the “integration proclamation” asking vendors to “open up” their systems to allow for free exchange of data stored in the system.   In 2007 we answered the call and added the Connect API to the Sphere platform.  

Fast forward 18 months…When I saw the latest user statistics for the Connect API, I was extremely impressed. 



About This Dataset:

  • The above chart shows one count for each API call made. A single API call can also return up to 100 results. This means that the total amount of data exchanged with Sphere is likely much higher.
  • There were more API calls in the first 4 months of 2009 than all of 2007 and 2008 combined.
  • These statistics do not include any usage from Sphere’s REST API and are representative of product to product integrations.
  • There are now over 150 customers that activated their Connect API and made webservice calls.


What Does This Increase in Use Mean?

  • Customers are increasingly accessing data in Sphere programmatically
  • Partners are more frequently developing and selling complimentary solutions to Sphere


Examples of Customers Using Connect API

  • Raiser’s Edge Connector: Sphere & Raiser’s Edge Connector recently launched and is now available. (Contact your sales representative to get started, there is no software or license fee, but there is a services package that must be purchased). The Connector makes use of the Sphere Connect API for user authentication and transfer of data. (Click here to see a 5 minute pre-recorded demo of the Connector in action).


  • Integration with Social Networks: FreeCause’s Facebook application uses the Connect API to ensure new supporters acquired on Facebook are instantly added and tracked within Sphere. Check out how Heart & Stroke Association of Canada got 50,000+ supporters on Facebook.


  • Creating Custom Solutions: Customers like Creighton University build their own solutions (and blog about them). In Creighton’s case they are integrating BSR with Sphere.


Learn More About the Connect API

  • The Getting Started Guide is written for partners, but definitely provides great guidance for anyone who wants to use the API.
  • The Connect API documentation is an indispensible resource, especially information under the reference section.
  • Sign up for the developer community and have your questions be answered by your peers and Sphere engineers.


Now it’s your turn, how is your organization using the Connect API or a Partner application? Leave a comment and let us know!

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