50 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

Chad Norman - 11.20.2009

During Blackbaud's 2009 Conference for Nonprofits, Melanie Mathos and I lead a two-part social media workshop. Part I of this pairing was a new session we developed called 50 Social Media Tactics Nonprofits Use to Meet Their Mission. It was a real blast delivering this content, and people seemed to react well to it.

The idea behind the session was to provide tactics and tools nonprofits can use to meet their social media objectives. The presentation is full of examples that can easily (and sometimes not so easily) be implemented once you have a social media plan. I've been to so many sessions in the last couple years that focus on high level social media strategy, discuss why these networks are important, or cover how organizations can begin a social media program. 50 Social Media Tactics assumes you already have a plan, and are simply looking for tactics to plug into that plan that can help meet its objectives.

Below is the Slideshare of our presentation...I hope you're find it useful. What other tactics does your organization use? What important tactics are missing from our list? What social media tactic have you used sucsessfully? Let me know in the comments. 



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