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Steve Johnson - 03.20.2009

“The sure thing boat never sails far from shore” sure wouldn’t describe SXSW Interactive’s show in Austin Texas. Returning home and reflecting, Cutting edge, new technology, smart people, networked and ideas more radical than you’d find at other shows is what comes to mind. To get a glimpse at the look and feel of the show from the nonprofit angle watch Chad Norman’s great animoto clip here.

Twitter ruled as did a keen interest in the consolidation of computers and mobile, video and pc’s and all things social. But, you might ask, were there non-profits in attendance? It was the largest group of organizations (over 1000) they’ve ever had and along with nonprofit bloggers and luminaries Beth Kanter, Amy Sample Ward, Danielle Brigida, Holly Ross, Wendy Harman, Carie Lewis, David Neff, Katie Paine and others.

Beacon Non-Profit Lounge

Blackbaud Internet Solutions was a proud sponsor of the non-profit Beacon Lounge at SXSW this year. Mellow music, nice chairs and lighting, free coffee and a place for non-profit attendees to get away from the show crush. Beaconfire Consulting arranged for a different non-profit per day to be featured and Blackbaud kicked off the program with lunch for the Texas Food Bank. Attendees were encouraged to donate what they would have spent on lunch to the foodback – with the result of over $500 donated to the Texas Food Bank.

NTEN was also a Beacon Lounge sponsor and held a great breakfast on Sunday morning with author Holly Ross.

One of the highlights of the show was the much anticipated SXSW Social Media Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam

No one can say nonprofits aren’t creative. The SXSW Social Media Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam was a hit. Panelists rocked as they put their missions value to verse in the Poetry Slam. Judges and panelists were moderated by the industry famous Beth Kanter.

The Participants were:

  • Wendy Harman of the American Red Cross
  • Daniell Brigida of the National Wildlife Federation
  • David Neff of the American Cancer Society
  • Carie Lewis of the Humane Society

The Judges were:

  • Holly Ross, Executive Director of NTEN
  • Geoff Livingston
  • KD Paine

Enjoy the video of the poetry slam below and we’ll see you all at SXSW next year!


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