Expanded Functions in Sphere Connect API

Ian Gruber- 05.04.2009 Follow me on Twitter

Have you downloaded the latest Connect WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) file from your Sphere account? If not, you are missing out on some nice additions to the Connect API. In the first few months of 2009, three new functions have been added to the Sphere API! 

Check out the table below for a quick run down:

New Function

Why it rocks!

Ian’s Utility Rating *



Accepts login and password information and returns the associated Contact Id. 


  • Now any 3rd party application can grab Sphere data about a website visitor simply by prompting for the contacts Sphere login and password.
  • This endpoint builds support for some powerful data portability use cases. Data portability for website visitors is an important dimension of Web 2.0 support. To learn more about data portability check out Steve O’Hear’s post on ZD Net.
  • For example, it is common for Higher Education institutions to only provide access to install a Facebook application to alumni. ContactLogin will allow the institution to easily validate interested Facebookers as authentic alumni.




Accepts two ContactIds and merges records

  • This tool used in conjunction with the existing query method allows partners and developers to build their own custom scripts for resolving duplicate records in Sphere.




Use query method now supports CustomProfileField

  • Yup, the most powerful Connect API method, query, just got stronger. Now you can access custom profile field data directly via query.
  • Build SQL like queries to filter ContactProfiles based on CustomProfileField values.
  • Return CustomProfileField values en mass (up to 100 at a time).
  • It is recommended to structure queries with filters on FieldId or ContactId to optimize performance.



*Ian’s Utility Rating is based on projected frequency of use in developer community


Give us some feedback!  Which of the new endpoints do you think is the most useful?  Why?

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