5 Email Sins to Avoid

Steve MacLaughlin - 06.08.2009

Every day nonprofits send out millions of email messages. And every day there are some common sins committed with email. Here are some common email sins that should be avoided:

No Purpose

Before you hit send — stop and ask yourself: Why am I sending this message? Does the message have a clear purpose? If it doesn't then you're doing more harm than good. Make sure that there's a self-evident purpose for the message. Everything from the subject line to the content of the message and the links in it should reinforce that purpose.

No Segmentation

Sending a blast email message to every single email address that you have is bad. And it's more than likely spam, too. "No communication without segmentation" should be your motto. Focus on your best segments and personalize the message in ways that will reinforce your message and resonate better with those targeted recipients.

No Testing

They practice the coin toss for the Super Bowl. Don't you think you should be testing your emails? The most successful nonprofits test everything from segments and subject lines, the day and time of the message, and variations on the content and landing pages. There is no such thing as luck with email. You need to test, test, and test.

No Call to Action

Email is not where the action is. The action only happens on your website. Never send an email message or enewsletter without a call to action. That action doesn't always have to be a financial transaction or advocacy alert. It could be asking to take a poll, survey, participate in a contest, or help spread the word for your organization.

No Follow-Up

Email campaigns are never one-and-done. You need to have a follow-up plan for those who take action and those who don't to maximize results. This could be as simple as a reminder email for people who registered online for an event. It might be a series of emails to new constituents who aren't yet donors. Following up gets results.


These are just a few common mistakes made with email.  Do you have any others to confess? Let me know and be sure to look for more in the future.


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