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We’ve been blogging here at NetWits Think Tank for about six months now. It’s been an exciting time for us. We’re learning from you and encouraged by the interaction, participation, readership and raw statistical growth we’ve seen so far. In a nutshell, we’re glad you’ve given us permission to deliver our content to you and that you’re finding what you read here useful.

What’s permission marketing?

PermissionBestselling marketing author Seth Godin, in his book Permission Marketing, explains it like this:

Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.”

“A permission asset is the privilege (not the right) to deliver anticipated, personal and relevant ideas to the people who CHOOSE to get them.”

Which means … 

  • You’re building a following.
  • You’re the bulls-eye, not the arrow.
  • You’ve become the selected, not the selector.
  • You’re working in the name accumulation business.
  • You’ve earned the right to market to your customers.
  • You’re worth more next week or next month than you are now.
  • You’re finding products for your customers, instead of customers for your products.
  • You’re accumulating, delivering value TO and maintaining respect FOR a group people who admire and support you and your ideas.

             (Hat tip to Scott for Build a Permission Asset, Part 1)


To give you an idea of what I’m referring to we have …


Post numbers: Over eighty posts by more than ten authors 

Twitter: Seen over 300 ReTweets (RT) according to Tweetmeme

Google Analytics: Grown by about 800 unique visitors every month since we launched


Visitor Growth by Google Analytics












FeedBurner RSS Stats (This is the real permission piece): Slightly over 500 RSS/email subscribers with a pretty consistent growth curve over the past six month 


Feedburner RSS Subscribers





Feedburner RSS Subscriber Use











Why am I sharing all this with you?

First I wanted to thank you for your time and attention. I know they’re precious. Second, I believe permission marketing applies to the way your nonprofit interacts with its supporters and those who you’re trying to reach.

Do you have the permission of your supporters or are you just blasting people? I see the blasting tactic more often than not. If you have their permission are you holding up your end of the bargain by delivering on what you promised them?

You (and me) should always be evaluating how we’re doing in this area. It’s vital to success in the world of multitasking, attention deficit disorder, over-commitment and not enough time in the day to get everything done. People’s time is valuable and limited so don’t waste it or they’ll stop listening.


Our promise to you

We’ll keep delivering content that helps you think about how the web can help nonprofits and how you can make improvements to your web strategy.


What’s your promise and how are you getting permission?


Photo Credit: Tim Parkinson


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