What is Google Doing for You?

Milad Yazdanpanah - 09.04.2009

In 2008, Google launched several applications for nonprofits that allow them to use technology at a whole new level. Many of these applications would have significant costs associated with them if you chose other vendors, but for nonprofits they are either free or low-cost. Let’s take a look at a few:

Two of the strongest tools that can be used by all nonprofit organizations regardless of size are Google Apps and Google Analytics. 


One aspect of Google Apps that I really like is it allows you to easily manage and create email addresses from the organization domain. As the administrator of the account, you can create group distribution lists; manage administrative privileges all from an interface that would be familiar to any Gmail user. 













Google Analytics “allows you to understand how people find and interact with information on your website,” regardless of your website platform. There is more than enough information to keep you occupied with the reports and stats that are generated. The best thing is, setup is minimal and with the statistics that get generated, you can analyze and fix any problems.

















Given the limited resources of nonprofits, Google has provided many of these applications at no cost. The real purpose of this discussion is to see how your organization is utilizing these tools. Below are some of the tools that are available. How have you made these tools work for your organization? 


Powerful Applications for Nonprofits:

  • Google Apps:  Allows NPO’s to setup organization email accounts, share online documents with staff and board members, sites to create an intranet for internal users, and calendar that can be shared internally and made available to constituents.
  • Google Analytics:  Understand how people find and interact with information on your website.
  • Google Grants:  Reach and engage your supporters through free online advertising. If your application is approved, you will be given a $1 per day to purchase advertisements.
  • Google Checkout:  Allows you to collect donations online and process them for free if you were a Google Grants recipient. 
  • YouTube for Nonprofits:  Allows you to share your message and engage millions of potential supporters. 

So, which of the tools that I mentioned above are currently being used by your organization? How do they work for you? Leave a comment and let us know!


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