Mixing Traditional Media with Social Media

Margo Anderson - 10.01.2009

I was lounging around watching all the latest season premieres and viewed a commercial for AT&T. I thought it was great on so many levels. First, I love dogs and it is a story about a little girl who finds her lost Jack Russell Terrier. Secondly, I am a huge UNC Chapel Hill fan and the commercial includes Tyler Hansbrough, former UNC Tar Heel. Finally, it is a great example of using multimedia including social media to accomplish a goal.

I suggest you watch this quick commercial and think about how you could use the same strategies to accomplish your goal whether it is to gather more donations, acquire more members, or simply spread the word about your mission.




This might be a stretch, but these are a few ideas I gleaned from the commercial:

  1. Send out a direct mailing or display an add on a billboard
  2. Email, tweet, and text message
  3. Use images and video to add emphasis
  4. Use Facebook and other social networking sites

Have you created any campaigns that combine traditional media with social media? If so, what kind of results did you see?


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