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Morgan Schneeberger - 10.09.09

I recently started to fundraise on behalf of Room to Read – one of my favorite nonprofit organizations. I was able to build my own fundraising page, set my goal, and blast out emails to my friends to inspire them to give to a cause. It’s been fun and I got a great first response to my email blast. I sent the email on a Friday, immediately got a number of generous donations, and felt great. Two days later… the donations stopped rolling in and I decided I needed to get creative with my fundraising. Maybe a blank ask wasn’t the right method for some of my friends?


The next email I sent out had the following subject line: “Can you spare $5 today?” I also changed my opening message to the following: “As you might know, I am involved with a fantastic organization called Room to Read. I'm reaching out to you to ask for $5. Can you spare one less latte this week? How about brown bagging it one extra day? If you can, you would be helping to add a chair or desk to a much needed library for children. “ I left the background information on Room to Read and the good work they do the exact same.


Within 10 minutes I had received my first donation from this new email. My friend, who had received the first blank ask email, gave me $5. I was so excited! I called her immediately to find out if it was just a coincidence that she gave to this email or if the $5 message resonated with her. She confirmed that the $5 message made the donation more palatable.


I tell you this story not to encourage you to ask for $5 – that’s just what I felt comfortable with asking my friends for. I more tell you this to encourage your supporters who are fundraising for your organization to great creative! And don’t assume that they’ll know how to do this on their own. Think about making an online fundraising kit for them to be able to access with tips and tricks to fundraising.


Let us know if you’ve done creative fundraising on behalf of a nonprofit or if you’ve inspired your fundraisers to get creative themselves!


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