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If you’ve ever wondered how to do fundraising using social media as a core part of your nonprofits strategy I suggest you check out what the folks at EpicChange are doing with Tweetsgiving (about). It’s amazing! Maybe you're wondering what Tweetsgiving is? Well, it’s simply a global celebration that aims to change the world through the power of gratitude. What are you grateful for?

Tweetsgiving 2009 


Using social media

EpicChangeHere are a few things they are doing to tell their story, engage with people, fundraise, and connect people around the world. If you’re not already involved I suggest you check it out to see the groundswell first hand!


The key to success

What makes all this work? Passion - The passion of those running the campaign and their active participation in social media channels. They’re telling their story. They’re supper engaged. They don’t rely on automation. They rely on making real connections with highly connected people who help spread their message of thanks around the world.


6 Key takeaways for you


  • Know what your story is and use the appropriate social media channels to tell it.
  • Make it simple to participate in many different ways. Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Youtubing, meetups, etc…
  • Make it simple to give online and offline. You don’t need to 30 field donation form.
  • Make sure people can see how their money is making a difference and use the real time nature of the web to do it quickly.
  • Make sure to incorporate an element of competition. For some reason there are people who want to see their name on the top fundraisers list. Make sure that’s possible.
  • Don’t automate. Be a real person who interacts with other real people in authentic ways.



What say you? How do you see this type of social media use working for your nonprofit organization?


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