A Facebook Success Story: Charleston Animal Society

Morgan Schneeberger - 12.03.09

I attended Blackbaud’s Conference for Nonprofits two weeks ago and talked to so many people about the importance of the Internet. The recurring theme was “How can I use my Facebook Fan Page more effectively?” I immediately would talk about my local JASPCA – Charleston Animal Society. They are currently going through a website overhaul which reinforced the need to use Facebook to spread the word about their mission, events, and adoptions. Staff share the responsibility of updating Facebook as they don’t have a full time employee dedicated to social media. They’re a great story of an organization that is using Facebook to their advantage.








Here are some things they’ve done well recently:

  1. They update their Fan Page at least once per week; often more. As a “fan” and volunteer I know and look forward to this update.
  2. Staff update their Fan Page with pictures. As an animal organization, they know the importance of using images to promote their cause and energizing their volunteers.
  3. Charleston Animal Society recently moved into a brand new building and use video to show the animals playing the hallways, with the staff, and interacting with volunteers.
  4. Their Volunteer Coordinator announces volunteer opportunities and gatherings directly on their Fan Page. It makes us volunteers that are ‘fans’ feel like we’re the first to know!
  5. They translate their mission into every day events. As an example, they advertised “Black Friday” on their Fan Page and announced that black cats were ½ the price. What a great reason to draw a prospective family in to find their forever friend!


Hopefully the Charleston Animal Society can inspire you to be more proactive on your Facebook Fan Page.

Please leave a comment and let us know your creative ideas for using Facebook effectively.



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