Are Nonprofits Ready to Play Foursquare?

Margo Anderson - 12.07.2009

Ready for some foursquare?! Put away the big red rubber ball and pull out your iPhone.


Confused? Well, let’s “bounce” right into it. Foursquare is a location-based social networking tool. The purpose of the tool is to allow you to find places of interest (restaurants, museums, bars, etc) near your current or future location. Once you reach your destination, you can “check-in” and can create a “tip” with your iPhone or Android. Foursquare then pushes out this information to your friends on Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook. For example, when I go to restaurant I can use Foursquare to check-in and create a tip about their delicious mac-n-cheese. This tip can be viewed by my friends along with other people who are in the area or curious about the restaurant.

Sharing location and providing tips is not all that Foursquare has to offer. It encourages users to get out there (physically) and explore new places by adding incentives. For each check-in, users receive points and badges. If you bring a friend, you get extra points! To promote loyalty, Foursquare appoints you mayor of a venue if you have been there more than any other user. If the title of mayor is not enough, a lot of these locations are now providing discounts (free drinks, % off, free admission, etc.) for Foursquare mayors.

So how can nonprofits use this to further their mission? Missouri Botanical Garden and the Vancouver Police Museum, have done a great job using Foursquare to encourage patrons to visit regularly.

Missouri Botanical Garden is promising the top 5 Foursquare users free tickets.




Vancouver Police Museum offers the mayor a 25% discount in the gift shop and free admission for themselves and a guest! 






As you can see, Foursquare can help spread the word about your organization and get people excited about visiting (and revisiting). So get out there and start playing!


Can you think of another way to implement Foursquare in your nonprofit?  Leave a comment below and let us know!


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