Black December?

Milad Yazdanpanah - 12.14.2009

The popularization of the nickname Black Friday came about because the steep bargains and frenzied shopping traditionally mark the start of the season in which many retailers begin turning a profit. Dating back as early as 1966, “Black Friday” has been a term that described the retail shopping day following Thanksgiving. The term became much more widely used across the country since 2000. 

An estimated 135 million people participated in the Black Friday shopping rush in 2007 according to Reuters. By offering discounted merchandise, consumers are willing to stand in long lines waiting for get into the store.   Many of the larger corporate chains offer unheard of deals and many customers camp outside to take part in “door buster” deals.

The same type of motivation that is driving consumers to go shopping and purchase goods at discounted prices is the same type of drive that I am proposing the nonprofit world create for their supporters. There is no dispute that the shoppers that stay up all night and go to outlet malls or wait outside of electronic stores, are price driven shoppers looking for a deal and or discount. If consumers are looking for a deal then that’s what we should give them.  If  millions of consumers were willing to go shopping on a specific day at unheard of hours, why can’t nonprofits create the same demand for consumers to contribute to your cause during an entire month called “Black December?” 

Food for Thought:

  • What deals or incentives can you offer your donors to make a donation during the month of December?
  • Have you offered a matching gift campaign? 
  • How about providing your donor a premium for making a donation in a certain amount? Offer movie tickets with a donation above a certain amount?
  • Have you thought of creating incentives for your supporters to donate and get something back in return?
  • How about offering a specific product that might be difficult for the consumer to obtain during this holiday shopping time but everyone wants one? Purchase in bulk and offer the product back to your donors during a shopping window.

What are you doing to create more demand in your supporter base this month?  Let us know!


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