Use Your Year End Giving as a Starting Point

Morgan Schneeberger - 12.21.09

It’s that time of year! Your office is scrambling to end the year on a high note and receive as many end of the year donations as possible. Staff have sent out the last 2009 direct mail and email campaign, you’ve made all the major gift asks you can, and you’re ready to go on holiday. *Big sigh of relief right?*

Wrong! You’ve only just begun. The real  fun now begins. You’re hopefully acquiring new donors as I type and now have to decide how best to cultivate them in the new year.

Do you:

  • Immediately add donors to your online or offline distribution list?
  • Plan strategic asks based on a donor's location or giving level?
  • Ask donors how’d they’d like to further be involved with your organization? Volunteer? Event attendee? Advocate?


Start your new year with fresh ideas on how to cultivate your new and lapsed donors. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve done some great posts on NetWits over the past year with plenty of tips and tricks for you! Some of my favorites are:


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Good luck with year end and Happy Holidays!



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