It’s Kind to Give In Kind

Morgan Schneeberger - 01.25.10

I’m sure the earthquake in Haiti is on all of our minds. How to make a donation, who to give to & of course how much. None of us can prepare for a tragedy of this magnitude but it’s inspiring to see how we rally around the people of Haiti to help ease their pain.  We have other charities, however, that we can’t forget about.

I made an end of the year list of nonprofit organizations that I wanted to support in 2010. Given the fact that Haiti needed my money now, I have to get creative with how I can support these other organizations I’m passionate about.

I immediately went to various websites looking for two things: volunteer opportunities and in kind donations. I may not have money to donate now but I sure can donate my time and household items that I no longer need.

Volunteer opportunities turned out to be the easier of my tasks. Organizations have getting good at providing opportunities to get involved and making it easy to get signed up. The in kind wish list ended up being the hard part. I was surprised at the number of nonprofit organizations that aren’t letting their supporters know of items they need. This is such a simple way to get people involved and in turn help them with their spring cleaning!

An example of an organization doing a great job is Room to Read. With two clicks off their navigation I can find a list with their up to date needs. They list everything from picture books, storybooks & educational books. I know I have some of these around my house that I can easily part with. I would have never been able to help Room to Read without this list. It may be a small donation for me but what if everyone  who supports your organization was able to make one small in kind gift. That would really start to add up!

Take a moment today to see if you have your list online. If you don’t, ask why not? Such a small change online can make a big difference!




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