Building a Facebook Fanpage – Part 1 – The Background Info

Robert McAllen - 03.03.10

This is Part I of my guide to creating a Facebook fanpage for nonprofits. We’re going to use a fan page that I recently set up as an example of how to set up a page. So stage one – Register and make it clear what you are about...

We’re going to use a fan page that I recently set up as an example of how to set up a page.

So stage one – Register and make it clear what you are about.

Kicking off point for new fan page

  1. Login to facebook – The new interface has a link to Ads and Pages on the left hand side of the Home page or you can find any other fan page and click on the create page for my business link. This will then ask you for some basic information about the business and contact details etc.
  2. Make sure your name is something clear – vague will only confuse folks and whilst it may feel quirky it won’t win as many fans as a clear message.  The message for the page we’re looking at here was clear – Save and Preserve Cumbernauld House.
  3. Enter website information – You can have more than one website listed here.
  4. Company overview – Do you have a company overview or is this simply cause related.  As this was just a cause and not related to a company we left this piece blank
  5. Mission – Important for cause related – What are you trying to achieve.  What’s the purpose.  Get your call to action in here.  What do you want people to do with your fan page!
  6. Products – Do you have any products?  We didn’t have any so this area was blank.

At this stage in the process the page is not live and until you hit the publish button it will just be somewhere for you to work and complete.

After that there is an information box on the left hand side of your page which will have text saying no information has been set up.  Click in here and using the on screen editing explain who you are.  It’s useful to get this piece correct and to take some time over this as it is important because it defines your page and is a very important piece of real estate.


Also at this stage you must decide who has access to your site and who can do what (below).  Useful at this point to navigate around the options to see what you want to offer people.  There are many options in there.  At this stage the Cumbernauld House page had no fans whatsoever as we were not live yet.

On the Cumbernauld site we found adding historic photos* was very successful as well as more recent photos of areas that have changed but that evoke nostalgia.  The photos were a great way to bring folks to the site to have a look around and then pledge their support.

More to follow over the next few days on building the page. Also, be sure to check out Building a Facebook Fanpage – Part 0 – The prelude.

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