Turn Your Success into New Opportunities!

Morgan Schneeberger - 03.10.10

It’s an age old problem for nonprofit organizations: How do you keep people coming back to support again and again? There are many different theories and strategies. I’m going to focus on only one. For me, as a donor & volunteer, I look for success. I need to feel like my previous efforts and donations made a difference.

I also liking hearing how others made a difference to the nonprofit. The first place I look for this is on your website. Are you posting about the success of a volunteer outing online? Or how about what the donations from the last month went towards? Your supporters are looking for this and are using this information to make an informed decision on what their next action will be.

I’ve come across great examples of using success to promote what sets an organization apart as well as giving added reason why people should support for the first time (or again!)

Feed My Starving Children
You can find their response to the disaster in Haiti one click off of their homepage. As a supporter, it’s powerful to see they delivered over 3 million meals on the day the earthquake hit Haiti and in total have delivered more than 6 million meals. While this is impressive – FMSC lets the reader know they need more help. Volunteers are needed at their branch offices and of course more monetary donations are needed. As a donor, seeing the success they’ve already had, I’d be more apt to give.

Accion International
Similarly, on Accion’s homepage, you can read about all they’ve done to help support the Haitian people. They’re transparent with where the money has gone and needing more. They’re focus has been to help the Haitian people rebuild their homes and livelihoods. Whether I am a new supporter to Accion International or not – I could easily tell from their homepage that they’re taking action but need more help. Pretty motivating to get involved if you ask me.

Do you taut your success as an organization online often?

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