Video Interview: NetSquared with Amy Sample Ward

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While at South by South West Interactive (SXSWi) Amy Sample Ward spent some time talking with me about how NetSquared (about) serves the nonprofit industry.

NetSquared is focused on the intersection of technology and social impact. Their mission is to help hundreds of thousands of non-profit organizations utilize the community empowering capabilities of the Internet to achieve social change.


They have three main areas of programming:

  1. Online community – This is where they allow nonprofit folks to communicate, share and learn with one another. Make sure to Connect!
  2. Offline community – They’ve built a network that encourages monthly face-to-face meetups for social innovators in 50+ cities around the globe. Net2 Local is focused on building local community to support and inspire one another to make change in the world.
  3. Open innovation Challenges – The NetSquared Challenge is focused on mining, profiling, and accelerating innovative projects using Web and mobile-based technologies. Check out the Global Project Gallery to get an idea of what’s going on here.


Learn more by watching the view below …


Social Media for Social Change

Being that SXSWi is a place where social media and networking run wild I though it only appropriate to see what Amy thought about the impact social media is having on the nonprofit space. Amy touched on three key areas:

  1. It’s ubiquitous – Amy points out that social media tools are so pervasive on the internet that nonprofits can now use them to make an impact.
  2. It enhances program and services delivery – Social media and its tools are now mature enough to help nonprofits with things like volunteer recruitment, outreach and educational program delivery.
  3. It’s free (but takes time) – As we all know sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all free, but achieving success using these tools takes time just like anything else.

Make sure to check out Amy on her blog.


I’m interested in what you think here. How is social media affecting the nonprofit landscape online?


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