When In Doubt, Hit Something!

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…to quote my high school football coach. Funny enough, the same advice works for the nonprofit trying to get out there in social media (twitter, facebook, foursquare, etc.). Very often the challenge is getting started.

Getting Started with Social MediaShould you get a twitter account? Who will manage it? Should you create a Facebook fan page? Who will set it up and who owns it’s success? With your staff and other resources pretty well tapped out how can you stay up-to-date and generate more interest in your organization? These are all great questions to be asking, but you should NOT let them paralyze you.


Hit something!

Remember, there are people “out there” who are interested in your organization or what you’re doing to help the world. They just need you to meet them where they are. 

Pick one social networking site to focus on for now. Baby-step your way into the pool so you feel comfortable and equipped! I’d suggest you begin with Facebook for one reason. It was recently determined that 2X more people are heading to Facebook over Google in the workplace. Based on those stats alone, it’s pretty simple to see that there’s a LOT of people on Facebook every day. While someone is on their lunch/coffee break they could be looking for you. 

If you have 5 minutes, go right now and set up a Facebook fan page for your organization:

  1. Go to www.facebook.com and login or set up your personal account

  2. Read this great tutorial on setting up a fan page

  3. Shoot an invite to your contacts on Facebook inviting them to your new page


That’s it! 

The goal of this post isn’t to over simplify the role of social media for nonprofits but rather to show you that the tools are easier than you think to get started with. Once you get started and begin to see success, swim out into deeper waters!


There, you just hit something. Agree? Keep coming back to the blog here and we’ll keep giving you more information on how to make strides in your social media efforts. 

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