Is Facebook Right for your Nonprofit's Community?

Margo Anderson - 6.23.2010

My college sorority and millions of others definitively did not participate in Quit Facebook Day! They actually took the opposite approach. I received an email that stated they would be shutting down their online community that resides within their main site and moving their online community to Facebook.

I will keep their identity (and handshake) a secret for the purpose of this article. Check out a portion of the email below:

"Due to the popularity of open social and career networking Web sites and the large expense associated with our current Online Community services, ****************** has decided to discontinue offering the Online Community to alumnae as of June 3, 2010. The Facebook Application mentioned above will replace this service and offer our members more ways to communicate than in the past."

I really want to use this post to prompt a good discussion around the pros and cons of using just Facebook for your organization's community. So, what are your thoughts? Did my sorority make the right move or are they going lose website visitors and an opportunity to gather essential alumnae info?


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