Video Interview with Andre Blackman of Pulse + Signal

Post by Frank Barry - 4.26.2010 - Follow me on Twitter

I spent some time with Andre Blackman while at South by Southwest Interactive 2010. Andre writes at Pulse + Signal where he talks about how technology and new ways of thinking can impact the field of public health. If you’re wondering where Pulse + Signal comes from, Andre describes it like this: Pulse = life, health, "what keeps you going," and Signal = technology, standing out, a prompt to action.

In our time together we touched on how social media (i.e. using sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) is impacting the public health sector as well as what technologies are up and coming. Make sure to take 3 minutes of your day to hear what Andre has to say.


Andre touches on a couple things that I’d love to hear your thoughts on. If you’re working in the public health sector how would you respond to these two questions? Use the comments to discuss.

  1. How is social media changing the game?

  2. What challenges does the public health sector face in using new media to communicate and educate the people?


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