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A lot of people want to be FIRST. was first to the online social networking game in 1997 (not to long ago, eh?) - They shut their doors in 2000. Twitter was first to the microblogging game - They recently hit the 15 BILLION tweet mark.

As you can see being first doesn’t always matter. Being second, third or ninety-fifth may not matter either. Friendster got there in 2002 - Where are they now? MySpace got there in 2003 - They were at the top of the game, but now they're trying to find their way. Facebook, well they were far from first.

FIRSTAs a nonprofit you should think long and hard about why you want to start doing something. Why do you want to be on Facebook? Why do you want to be on Twitter? Why do you want to be on YouTube? Etc.

Being first doesn't matter. Nor does just being there.

Achieving your goal of making a difference in this world is what matters. You can do that from the first or last spot if you do it right.


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