Twitter Hits 15 Billion

Post by Frank Barry - 5.31.2010 - Follow me on Twitter

Communication seems to change every so often, doesn’t it?. Print, Radio, TV and the Internet each represent a shift - a big shift in our communications evolution. Think about the significance and how each has dramatically changed our world. For nonprofits the big shift was from direct mail to email. From print material to digital communication.

Nonprofit Communication is ChangingNow day’s email is a tightly integrated part of most nonprofits fundraising efforts. Operating as an integral part of an overall communications plan.

What if another shift was happening, right before our eyes? Twitter recently hit the 15 Billion Tweet mark.

Is Twitter the next email?

The trouble with any new medium is that it’s new. Figuring out how to best utilize the new “thing” it in a way that supports the good work your doing as a nonprofit is the difficult part.

We soon realized that sending people tons of email was a quick way to get blocked or called a spammer. Over time our strategies and use of the tool evolved. What will we learn about the new communication channels?


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