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Post by Frank Barry - 6.1.2010 - Follow me on Twitter

There are lot’s of not so cool ways to get more Twitter followers. Do a Google Search for “get more Twitter followers today” and you’ll find tactics ranging from paying for new followers to crazy pyramid number schemes to good information that actually works. It can be a bit confusing to figure out and filter through all the not so good resources. The trick is to NOT get pulled in by all the people out there that want to make a buck or gain something by helping you get more followers.

Look for sources that show you how to do it organically.

I've got one of those great organic sources for you now. Geoff and the crew from Zoetica recently put together some thoughts on “Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following Ethically”. Check it out ...

Here are a few more ideas to think about as you continue on your journey ... Keep in mind that these are generally tactical tips to help you build relationships with people. It’s the relationships that matter.

4 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following Today


  • Get familiar with Twitter Search. It could turn into your best friend. Here’s 13 Twitter Search Examples for Nonprofits to get you started.

  • Install Seesmic desktop and Seesmic mobile. All your saved searches and Twitter lists will be pulled in so you can access this info from where ever you are in the world.

  • Check out Twitpic – Everyone loves pics! This app let’s you easily share photos on Twitter.

  • Start sharing interesting resources that you’re finding online. Make sure to use a URL shortening services like (You can integrate your account into Seesmic).

You can also spend some time going through this slide deck on Twitter 101 for Nonprofits.



And if you are still looking for more check out ... 


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