Continuing the Conversation with Custom Confirmations

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Say that 10 times. Now ask me what it means? It means that the Confirmation Pages one receives after completing a transaction (donating, registering, updating profiles, email preferences, event registrations, advocacy actions, etc) are an open door in which we're losing engagement opportunities with constituents.

ConversationBy using Google Analytics, or similiar site tracking tools, we can view the exit rate on these confirmation pages. While an average webpage's exit rate will be around 50%, confirmation pages often have a much higher exit rate.


What are your Confirmation Pages saying?

  • 60% or less - You're doing well at keeping people engaged.

  • 70% or less - Not bad. The user did just complete a transaction, afterall, so engaging them will be tricky. But there may be room for improvment.

  • 80% or greater - Definately room for improvement. In fact, I would be willing to bet your confirmation pages have little more than a thank you message.


Rule of Three

Constituent engagement and relationship building is key to fundraising--so be sure to end every conversation with three new conversation starters:

  • Finished updating your profile? Terrific! How about take a quick survey while here?

  • Completed an event registeration? Awesome! How about sign-up for an account so that you can return in the future for quicker registration and receive notice of future events? 

  • Made a donation? Thank you! How about subscribing to our eNewsletters so that you can see how your money is helping us make a difference?

These are each internal conversation examples... engaging the constituent to take additional actions on the existing website. But an equally powerful conversation is the one you can encourage your constituents to have with their friends via email and social networking websites. 


Customizing Confirmations

While tools like NetCommunity's Page Sharing Part and the 3rd party AddThis service allow for quick and easy user sharing opportunities, using such tools on a confirmation page would link returning visitors to the wrong page.  

However, with some simple HTML code, you can create custom messages and page sharing opportunities from your confirmation pages, bringing new users to the specific webpage you desire. These can even be used in emails!


Facebook - The largest social networking website also has the most potential reach, as once a link is shared, Facebook's internal "share" option can potentially increase the impact three-fold.

HTML Code:<Add URL to be shared>

Additional Tip: Be sure the page to be shared has a relevant image to be used on Facebook by those sharing.


Twitter - Asking constituents to Tweet your message can engage the user, bring new users to a specific webpage and promote both your cause and organization's Twitter account. Additionanl tip: Use a registered URL to keep it short and track results.

HTML Code:<Add custom text, @username and URL>


LinkedIn - Though mostly used in business circles, LinkedIn does appear to be gaining prominance in recent years. Consider your constituency and if they're mostly business-focused, this may be the best avenue for you.

HTML Code:<Add URL to share>&title=<Add Title or Text to share>


Email - The original social network is still the most powerful. Craft quick and easy messages your constituents can email to their friends--and respect users privcacy, reminding them that you will not keep or spam their friends email addresses. Use NetCommunity's Page Sharing Part and customize the email message.


eCards - NetCommunity's eCards are a great way to ask constituents to promote your cause, campaign or event. Furthermore, the email message and linked returning webpage can be completely customized within the eCard Templates.


How have you see this tactic work well? What examples can you share?

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