• The Answer to Nearly Every Online Fundraising Question Is...
  • Steve MacLaughlin - 09.21.2009
  • When in doubt — test it. Yes, there are some very well established best practices for online fundraising, but testing always helps you improve your own performance.This is especially true when you are trying something new or outside the norm. Over the years I've gotten countless questions about how should nonprofits setup their online fundraising programs. Many of the same questions came up during NetWits Summer Camp and in the numerous emails I received following the sessions.

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  • Peer to Peer Fundraising- Painting a Better Picture with Video
  • Ian Gruber- 08.17.2009 Follow me on Twitter
  • Everyone loves a cut-throat game of Pictionary®. It is not long before emotions run high and furiously scribbled stick figures give way to a litany of erroneous guesses: “An astronaut!", "An ice cream cone!", "A cotton gin!",  "Trotsky!”

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  • FrankFrank loves how social networking benefits nonprofits, corporations who serve these orgs, and his wife, who only knows what’s going on in his life because of Twitter.
  • AnthonyAnthony uses the intarwebs to help nonprofits understand and utilize web 2.0 technology, research the latest in social networking, and casually help tear down and build up local businesses.
  • IanIan surfs the web on a hand-shaped board, riding the waves of cutting-edge technology and online fundraising for nonprofits.

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