• Video Interview: Facebook for Nonprofits by Randi Zuckerberg
  • Post by Frank Barry - 3.22.2010 - Follow me on Twitter
  • I spent some time with Randi Zuckerberg while at South by South West Interactive 2010. Randi works on a number of initiatives for Facebook – one of those being focused on Facebooks involvement in helping nonprofits. She also works on things related to marketing, politics and current events. All the while she acts as the unofficial Facebook correspondent for CNN.

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  • Unlocking the Power of Online Forms in Sphere- Part I
  • Ian Gruber- 01.15.2010 Follow me on Twitter
  • Online forms are IMPORTANT!

    You have probably spent countless hours and dollars in designing, implementing and updating your organization’s web presence. And for what?! To look professional, disseminate information, grow your brand, but most importantly to engage with your constituents. At the heart of nearly any online constituent engagement is a web form that you are asking a constituent to submit (and hopefully enter their credit card information).

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  • FrankFrank loves how social networking benefits nonprofits, corporations who serve these orgs, and his wife, who only knows what’s going on in his life because of Twitter.
  • AnthonyAnthony uses the intarwebs to help nonprofits understand and utilize web 2.0 technology, research the latest in social networking, and casually help tear down and build up local businesses.
  • IanIan surfs the web on a hand-shaped board, riding the waves of cutting-edge technology and online fundraising for nonprofits.

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