Nate grew up on a small farm town outside of Cincinnati, OH - where he quickly learned his destiny of forever straddling the line between geek and rock-star.  While he was in advanced-placement classes, he was the only one getting detentions, while his friends were all listening to Country Music, he was the only one wanting techno, and when no one else could find that tree you had to set on fire in the original "Legend of Zelda", he knew where it was, and demanded free pizza and beer to divulge it.


These days, Nate's talents and 12 years of Internet and Database Application-Development experience have been put to good use as an Internet Solutions Manager at Blackbaud, where he helps clients understand key technical concepts by use of car metaphors, down-to-earth advantages, and a general "goof-ball" ease of conversation.  Nate currently enjoys working for Blackbaud in the fun and beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina, where he celebrates the many outdoor activities during the sunny days, and forces his friends to play Guitar Hero concerts with him on the rainy ones.