Robert spends way too much of his time rolling around the internet looking for the next big phenomenon/cool toy which will benefit the not for profit world.  Unlike the other NetWits Think Tank contributors Robert is not based in tropical climes and is grateful to the internet for giving him something to do on rainy days.


Robert McAllen is the Program Manager for Blackbaud’s European operation. In this role, he helps determine new product offering potential and works as a liaison between Blackbaud’s products team and the European marketplace. He has worked in the Not for Profit sector with Blackbaud for the past 10 years and has worked with hundreds of Not for Profits in creating, executing and improving processes and procedures as well as general software optimisation.  He was previously principal consultant in Europe for The Information Edge™ and Blackbaud NetCommunity™.  Robert is based in Glasgow, Scotland which means that on average it is raining 260 days a year where he is.


Mr. McAllen is a graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University, where he earned an honors degree in Marketing and Communications