Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Christine now enjoys life in sunny (but sometimes all too humid!) Charleston, South Carolina.  Christine’s favorite way to pass the time is going to the beach with her beagle, Ralphie.


Christine brings more than seven years of experience in the technology field working exclusively with nonprofit organizations in a variety of capacities.  Currently an Internet Solutions Manager at Blackbaud Internet Solutions Division, Christine now works with organizations to identify opportunities to grow and develop their online presence and internet marketing strategy. Prior to working with the Internet Solutions Division at Blackbaud, Christine was a “road warrior” as some may say, traveling the U.S. and Canada as an implementation consultant for a variety of applications, including Blackbaud’s education, accounting, and fundraising solutions.


After years in the industry, Christine describers her role with the Internet Solutions Division as her favorite job yet, because she is on the forefront of web technology that is changing the way nonprofits engage with their audiences today.