Join the Largest Gratitude Wall in the World by Letting us know What You’re Grateful for: #EpicThanks!

Thanksgiving is upon us. In the US and Canada this holiday is mostly about … friends, family, food, football and … well … more food (the extra special, you cook it only once a year, kind of food).

OK, that’s not all it’s about, but I’ll be the first to admit that I love all the festivities.

Thanksgiving’s really all about gratitude – remembering the things we’re grateful for and giving thanks.

What are you grateful for?

So what are you grateful for this year? According to the Gratitude Index by it’s other people (family, friends, etc) that we’re grateful for most of the time. I’d agree. Wouldn’t you? Life is about relationships, in large part, and it’s my friends and family that I’m most grateful for this year (and every other).

Gratitude list

Have you heard of a gratitude list (more)? Most have, but just in case, a gratitude list is simply a list of things that you’re grateful for. Write it out by hand with pencil and paper. Type it up on your computer. Create a note on your smartphone. Use an iPad. What ever set of tools you use remember the point – doing this helps each of us remember what we’re grateful for. It also helps us see how much we have, get us thinking positively and changes our outlook on life. It’s a lot like writing down your goals – there’s something about putting it on paper that makes it real and helps you internalize it. Check out what Geoff is grateful for if you’re looking for some inspiration.

This year I’d encourage you to create a gratitude list, but let’s take it one step further. Let’s create the largest gratitude list in the world.

Let’s create the world’s largest gratitude list!

I just created a gratitude note over at … and if you go create one, then tell your friends, we’ll be part of something very special – the largest gratitude list in the world! As I’m writing this there’s over 2000 items on the list – can we get it to 5,000 by the time Thanksgiving 2010 is over?

In creating your gratitude note you can add a personal picture, create a custom background and write down, for all to see, what you’re grateful for this year. Like I mentioned above, writing it down it’s simple, but powerful. Sharing it with the world takes it to a whole new level. Once you’ve completed your gratitude note you can share your note with friends, family and the rest of the interwwebs via Twitter, Facebook and eMail.

Oh, and did I mention that once I created my gratitude note I got a personal video thank you on Twitter!

Let’s do this!

Tweetsgiving 2010 – #EpicThanks

The folks at Epic Change, creators of Tweetsgiving and To Mama with Love, are the ones behind Tweetsgiving 2010 – Epic Thanks. Their doing work that’s making positive things happen in this world. And their using social media in very creative ways to pull it all off.

You should meet Stacey.

For those of you out there who work in the non-profit world (a large portion of the readers here) … I’d encourage you to examine how Epic Change is running this campaign. There are a lot of great social media lessons to be learned. I’ll have more detail on how to do successful online fundraising with social media using Tweetsgiving as an example once this is all over.

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