Using Causes on Facebook to Change the World with Matthew Mahan

Meet Matt. He’s the vice president of impact at Causes. This year he joined a few of us for the Ignite Panel at Blackbaud’s conference where we talked about how social media is helping non-profits change the world. After our panel I got a few minutes to talk to Matt about his work at Causes and how Causes is empowering grassroots fundraising. Check out the video.

Watch the Video from #bbcon

Where should I start?

  • First, create a page on Causes and activist resource center. Or, if you are a non-profit, check out the non-profit resource center.
  • Next, focus on your goals – Are you trying to raise a million dollars or mobilize a group of offline volunteers? The point here is to focus on your goals and then think about how the online application can help you achieve what mission.
  • Then, learn from others – By looking at “The Cove” – Save Japan Dolphins (925,372 Members helped raise $115,807), Darius Goes West (6,888 Members helped raise $38,758) or others like them you’ll be able to discover what worked, what didn’t and get ideas for how you might use the Causes application.

What makes a Cause on Facebook successful?

Matt essentially describes five core pieces that play a role in finding success on Causes for Facebook. I’d love to hear your take on each of these in the comments. How would YOU go about executing on each of these? Or … how have you seen other people/organizations go about it?

  • Strengthen your core
  • Build a network
  • Be consistent
  • Focus on relationships
  • Empower others
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